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Books I cannot wait to read!


I love books. I love reading them, reviewing them, talking about them, and even being photographed next to them in a book-coordinated outfit (see above)! I feel like I have been doing a lot of really interesting and thought-provoking book reviews recently, but I also feel that they have been heavy. So to bring some light and a bit of fun to my blog I wanted to talk about the upcoming book releases that I am really excited about. And gosh, autumn looks like it is going to be a literary explosion.

time's convert.jpg

Time’s Convert – Deborah Harkness

Fan’s of Harkness’ series The All Souls Trilogy will love this. I was first introduced to Harkness’ series by a good friend of mine in an outing in Sydney. I read the first book in a few days and then compulsively bought the other two books in the series. The fact that Harkness is extended the series with Time’s Convert is amazing. Also, The All Souls Trilogy is being made into a series. If you want to learn more about the book, check out Goodreads.


Becoming Michelle Obama

It is hard to be a fan of Michelle Obama. She is a strong inspiring example of womanhood and I cannot wait to read her memoir Becoming. I can imagine that some people might let the politics (for or against) of the Obama’s influence whether they read this book, however, I would urge people to look at Michelle’s book as an opening up of female experiences in and out of the public eye; as an example of womanhood and black female identity; and of success, hope, and humility. Add it to your Goodreads TBR today!

the personality brokers The Personality Brokers: The Strange History of Myers-Briggs and the Birth of Personality Testing – Merve Emre

We seem to be obsessed with categorising people. For the longest time we have wanted to put people in boxes: gender, race, religion, ethnicity, social status, relationship status, and the list goes on. The idea of having set personality types is something that has been around since the Chinese zodiac or Star signs where personality traits are determined by birth date, time, and location. The Myers-Briggs personality test is something that has taken over Western thinking and a lot of people identify themselves with the Myers-Briggs acronyms. Seeing where and how this test began and how it has shaped society is extremely interesting for me and I cannot wait to read it to find out more.

nine perfect strangers.jpg

Nine Perfect Strangers – Liane Moriarty

Moriarty is an Australian author, so I might have some home-bias here, but I love the way she captures Australian suburban life, the good and the bad. Her writing makes me a bit homesick, even though her stories are often about complicated topics like domestic violence and murder. Her writing is just easy and fresh like I am sitting down with an old friend. Her novel Big Little Lies was the first that I read of hers and I was hooked. Although, when I saw that they did it for the big screen and relocated to the U.S. I didn’t bother watching (Yes, I am totally bias and a bit sour that they didn’t keep it in Australia… I mean who wouldn’t be? Am I right?!) Anyway, Moriarty’s books are great page turners and I cannot wait for her next release.


Unsheltered – Barbara Kingsolver

Holy cow! When I saw that Barbara Kingsolver was coming out with a new novel I low key did a little squeal of excitement. I have loved Kingsolver’s work since I was introduced to her novels in high school when I had to read The Poisonwood Bible for my English literature class. After that I read every. single. one. of. her. books. All of them are amazing and beautiful in their own ways. If I had to pick a least favourite it would The Lacuna, but even that was still a great book. If you want to read great fiction with strong beautiful and flawed characters, then Kingsolver is a must. Also, if you haven’t read The Poisonwood Bible, what are you doing?


Killing Commendatore – Haruki Murakami

The first Murakami novel I read was 1Q84, which if you have read the novel might feel a bit like a baptism by fire. Murakami is known for his strange and beautiful twisted plots with a mixture of fantasy, magic realism, and Japanese culture. There is a reason why Murakami has the literary accolades that he has. Although, I will say that his style of writing is not for everyone. If you want to be transported to a strange new and wonderful world that almost looks like reality but not quite, then Murakami’s novel Killing Commendatore might be for you.

So there you have it! These are six books that I cannot wait to be released this autumn. I love sharing about the books that I am reading and I although I need more books like a hole in the head, I cannot help but get excited about new releases. Are you excited about any of these books? Do you think there are any other upcoming releases that I should add to my TBR? As always, share the reading love.