Book Review Policy

Me in my happy place surrounded by books

I have always loved reading and have never really restricted myself to one genre. However, I do have my favourites. I try to read a mixture of male and female authors, although I do like to put an emphasis on female authors and other minority authors when I can. I delve into fantasy every now and then, but avoid sci-fi.

If you are an author from one of these genres or feel that you share a similar style with some of the authors I have read, please get in contact with me (email at the bottom of page).

My reviews are 100% my own opinion. I receive some books as advanced reader copies, which are always highlighted in my reviews. Otherwise, all the books I review are bought with my own money.

I use affiliate links with an Australian online book seller, Booktopia, and the internationally known Book Depository. If you use the links that you see in my posts, I may make a small commission from the sales made through that link. Again, all opinions of books are my own. Buying through my links helps fund this blog.

If you would like to send me a copy of your latest book or would like to work with me in anyway, please feel free to contact me.

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