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Monthly Favourites: June 2019

Picture of la scale die Turchi, a smooth white rock formation near Agrigento in Sicily

June is usually a month for travelling. It is my birthday month and since My father died I have tried to go somewhere for every birthday. This year I got to revisit Sicily where I went on exchange when I was 14. Catania was the place that started everything for me. It showed me world outside of my tiny little town and opened me up to new people. Catania is the city to blame for all of my vagabond ways.

June had some pretty cool things-birthday month aside-and I cannot wait to share with you what I was loving.

Favourites T.V./Movie

I haven’t really been watching many movies this summer so June’s Favourite is another T.V. series. I have been loving a show called “Sugar Rush” on Netflix. It is a timed competition baking show that I just find to be really soothing to watch. It is the sort of thing I can put on at the end of the day and switch off whilst I watch it. The content is light and maybe a little lame at times, but it is generally a good watch if you ask me.

Favourite Song

My favourite song for June has been Lizzo’s “Truth Hurts”. It is a song that I listen to when I need a pick-me-up and I love Lizzo’s talent, message, and spark.

Favourite Beauty

My favourite beauty product this June has been a face mask from Dr Roebuck called ‘Daintree’. It is an AHA brightening mask with a lot of nice goodies in it. I used to be afraid of using chemical exfoliants on my face because I have sensitive skin and allergies, but the acids are actually better for my skin than a manual exfoliant like a scrub. I use the mask two to three times a week and it is great for keeping my skin clear, fresh, and smooth. I also love a good Aussie product.

Favourite Stationery

My favourite stationery item for the month of June is keeping it old school. I love HelloJournalShop on Etsy and you can get laptop, phone, and iPad covers to name a few. They also do amazing refillable notebooks. I got one of their customised designs with my name on it. I am always using notebooks especially for my blog so I loved the idea of a reusable and refillable one. The design also matches my laptop case and iPad case too. The shop ships internationally and they often have promotions so if you like it, keep your eyes peeled.

These are my favourites for June. What was something you loved in June. Let me know in the comments. As always share the reading love.