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You Konmari-ed all your books, now what?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have heard about Marie Kondo and her tidying up as a way of life. Her two books on organising and cleaning have changed the way people structure their homes for good or for bad, depending on who you ask. Since the Netflix series came out, everyone has had something to say about the Konmari method. Kondo has suggested that people should have around 30 books in their home, which has sparked a lot of book worms and readers to come out in defence of owning a lot of books. Rather than tell you how many books you should or shouldn’t have I wanted to talk about three ways to celebrate and look after the books you decide to keep in your home.

Put your books on display

My bookshelf

Books are beautiful. If you are a lover of them, display them in your home and take pride in the books that you have.

It took me forever to organise and clean up my bookshelf. For over a year it was stuffed to the max with so many books that I couldn’t even think about it. When I finally got to organise everything, which was a mixture of sorting, selling, and donating books I felt a lot better about the books I have.

Keep your books clean

Microfibre towel

Make sure you look after the books that you love. I clean my shelves and wipe over my books every so often with a microfibre towel. I love it because the dust will stick to the towel and not fly up around the air and as someone with hayfever, dust can be a real problem.

Use your local library or public bookshelf

Public bookshelf

Invest in books that you think you want to keep and use your local library or public bookshelves to read books that you want to read, but don’t want to own. Think about your books as investments and make sure you invest in ones you are going to love. Of course we all buy books that we think we will cherish and it turns out we hate it, but that is the best part about public bookshelves. One man’s boring book is another’s treasure.

So there you have it. These are the ways that I think you can celebrate and cherish your books more. What do you think about the Konmari method? As always, share the reading love.

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