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2021 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Coffee cup and letter next to a bunch of pink roses.

It is coming up to Mother’s Day in Australia and even though things are getting better here, people are still not able to go out and travel like we did in 2019. So I wanted to help you find some great options for the special women in your lives.

Now, I know that mother’s day is not a day of celebration for everyone. Whether you have lost your mum, or don’t have a great relationship with her, don’t let anyone make you feel pressured or guilty. Celebrate or don’t celebrate in a way that works best for you. No one will know what that will look like except you, so set your own boundaries and make sure you love on yourself a little. And you know what, these are not ‘mother’ exclusive gifts, so if you want to indulge, why not do a bit of retail therapy?

I am a big fan of supporting small businesses and also female-led businesses, so a lot of what I am sharing with you today also reflects that. You can find all of these companies through Etsy. And if you want to you can click the link through my blog if you want to also help contribute to keeping my blog going through affiliate link commissions.

For the coffee lover

This image is from the Etsy shop BelloPottery.

Buy yourself this beautiful mug here.

Coffee, Tea, hot chocolate, chai lattes, oh my! I love beautiful hand-crafted pottery and mugs. I came across this design and fell in love with the beautiful colours and well thought-out design of the mug.

For the puzzle-lover

This image is taken from the Etsy store BosaArtCo.

Buy the puzzle here.

I love BosaArtCo. I have three of their prints in my home because I just love the way they capture the beauty of nature. This puzzle is a piece of art and a fun way to pass the time.

For the mother of plants

This image is taken from the Etsy store HoopPlant.

Buy your hoop trellis here.

Look, for anyone who knows me it won’t come as a surprise that I love plants. I have, according to my husband, about 50 too many. So rather than get someone in to trouble with another plant for their home, you can buy them some plant accessories. This is a bamboo hoop trellis that will let your vines and climbing plants grow in a stylish shape.

For the booklover

This image is taken from the Etsy store LiteraryEmporium.

Buy your book bundle here.

Literary Emporium make some beautiful literary related things like t-shirts, mugs, bookmarks, and pins. My favourite though are these classic book boxes that contain a shirt, novel, pin, and other literary goodies. If you don’t know what to get the book worm in your life, then check out these beautiful bundles.

There you have it! My gift guide for mother’s day. Remember, if you’re a Mum yourself, be sure to share this guide with your children and/or partner to make sure they know what to get you. And again, if mother’s day isn’t the day for you – know that you are loved and valued no matter what. Be kind to yourself. As always, share the reading love.