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#14 Rituals


The rituals that surround death are comforting like the rituals of making tea. Despite death taking a life from your hands, you can still feel useful. The body needs to be collected, prepared for burial or cremation, and eventually buried or burned. Fill the kettle, boil the water, select the tea. You can collect photos to show at the funeral. Buy a black dress or suit that you plan on never wearing again. Pick a song to play when they lower the body, when they ignite the flames, so you can never hear it without crying. Pour the hot water over the tea and wait the recommended time until the tea is brewed.

When the ritual is over, you’re left with an empty cup and soggy tea leaves.


One thought on “#14 Rituals

  1. There are no words that can describe what I have gone through but darling u have said it all I feel like this with every waking hour and every night I close my eyes in a empty bed and a barren house I always have memories that will never be separated from me they are in my heart and soul forever mum