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What is your reading relationship style?

How we read, what we read, how often we read, how many books we read at once… Do you know your reading type?

The Monogamist


As a book reader you strictly stick to one book at a time. You like to make sure that every book feels special and the only one worthy of your attention.

The Player


You don’t always finish books and are very good at reading the first twenty pages before something new has caught your eye. It has to be a pretty special book that makes you want to stay around.

The Polygamist


You read a lot of books at once. (If you’re wondering, this is me to a ‘T’). You often have four or five books that you are swapping between. You are dedicated to finishing the books, but usually due to time constraints its hard to just ‘date’ one book at a time. If you’ve ever been a student, this was probably your reading style at some point.

The Ghoster (the slow fade)


Similar to the player, ghosters can’t get very far into a book. What makes it worse is that they often forget the book in public places or at other peoples houses. Ghosters find it hard to settle down with one book, but are often to shy to break it off. That is why the ghosters to-read list never gets any check-offs.

The Time Taker


You’re similar to the monogamist, just slower. You love to take your time with books and you saver every word. You’re reading record isn’t very high, but you love to saver books and enjoy reading.

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