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The Long Night of the Museums, Zurich 2015


The Long Night of the Museums is an event that happens annually throughout many European countries. Whether you’re an avid museum/art gallery goer or not, this is an amazing night to immerse yourself in art of every form. Many museums offer food and drinks, special events, interactive shows, free tours, and parties. All for 25CHF, might I add. It is impossible to go to every museum and art gallery on the list, which means that you have to plan your night to make sure that you don’t miss out. Even with the best laid plans, I couldn’t get to every museum.

The highlight for me was the Museum fuer Gestaltung and the Kunsthaus in Zurich. The first museum, The Museum for Art Design, had a Steve McCurry exhibition. You may know him from some of these works…



His most famous work though, is probably this photo…


His play with light and dark and the vivid colours that accent his work make the photos really stand out as amazing pieces for me. I enjoy that every picture tells a story and that every picture’s story is different for every onlooker. I think as a lover and student of music and writing, it is impossible to not love the fine arts. Music and stories can be found in any art form.

The Kunsthaus, or Art House, in Zurich (which is free on Wednesdays in case you are ever in town) had a special exhibition called “Europe”. This was a really amazing exhibition from a literary and historical point of view because the exhibition told stories of Europe through art, multi-media, and literature. Although, my highlight was the paintings by the Austrian artist, Herbert Brandl. I am a huge fan of impressionist art and music and love how the brush strokes and colours orientate and disorientate the onlooker all at once.

Here is what you missed out on…


The Long Night of the Museums is a really amazing event. I know that it is also held in cities in Austria and Germany, so whether you live there or not, you should make an effort to find The Long Night of Museums near you. Or as I like to call it: The Long Night of the Nerd.

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