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Define Yourself By What You Love, Not the Things You Hate

I’m just going to put this out there… I haven’t read Harry Potter. Nor do I have an urge to read it. (I started to read the first book in year 8 and it just didn’t capture my attention.) My disinterest in Harry Potter has caused quite the array heated debates. Some people confused and amazed that someone like myself, a lover of books, could not have read the greatest book EVER! There are also those who side with me. Some people read the books and hated them, some people didn’t read them because of their rejection of pop culture and pop lit. Others just don’t like fantasy.

Here is another truth bomb. I haven’t read Twilight and it’s not because of indifference. I watched the first movie and thought to myself, “I could not bring myself to read that…” Again, I’ve had many heated discussions about this. People saying that I should read the books before I judge and others cheering me on as I roll my eyes a full 360 degrees out of pure disgust at the thought of the books.

So, with those two paragraphs, it’s fair to say that I might have enraged half the world’s population in one way or another. And other than creating a hoard of enemies, what is the point to all of these truth bombs? Well…

While I love to snigger and make jokes about glittering vampires with my fellow non-Twilight fans, I realise that it is unproductive. You can create relationships with people based solely on what books you dislike together. The books you actually like are completely different and if you had to try to build a friendship on that, well, it would probably fizzle.

What’s the alternative? Building friendships with people about things that you love together (and not love to hate). Define yourself through the things you love. When someone asks you, “What books do you like?” don’t reply with, “Well I hate Twilight and Anna Karenina.” Instead, think about what books you do love. Celebrate what you love and don’t define yourself in opposition to things.

And I guess while I’m dropping these truth bombs, maybe we could do that in every aspect of our lives? Not just for books. As always, share the reading love.

One thought on “Define Yourself By What You Love, Not the Things You Hate

  1. I agree! I don’t judge people base on the books they read, after all, I’m close with someone who loves Twilight but does not like Harry Potter. A total opposite of me!

    That alternative should definitely be practiced more often; focusing on the positive than the negative builds healthier relationships.