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Three different kinds of races…

I have been trying to think of what to write and coming up with not very much at all. This is, however, the way of creativity. It comes and goes whenever it pleases. You rarely get a say in it. Sometimes it is hard to be creative, and often if you give yourself time to breath you will notice that you are being creative in many different ways. Although, it often doesn’t feel like it.

This summer has been disappointing when it comes to the weather, but I have been keeping myself very busy all the same. I ran a 10km race at the Winterthur Frauenlauf—a 5km and 10km race just for women. It was a long road to get to that race, and while I didn’t finish first… or even 10th, I had a great time. I struggle believing in myself, believing in my abilities, believing in my strengths, and sometimes believing in my blog. Moments like the 10km race help remind myself that things are possible and perseverance is a key aspect in the creative process.

Other than running, I have started another sort of race. One of the mind, in the form on my Master’s thesis. The roller coaster of emotions that are involved in a Master’s thesis are amazingly high and low. Every achievement and extra word count is instantly faced with a I-could-be-writing-more downward spiral.

My last race of sorts, has been book buying. Although, arguably I am a pro at this kind. I’ve been buying an amazing new array of books to add to my collection (like I need new books though) and can’t wait to share these new reads with you!


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