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Not Another WWII Book, Please.


I have studied both World Wars, more specifically WWII, in great detail from both a historical and a literary perspective. It was good, for a time. I think it is an important part of our world history and it isn’t something that should be brushed aside. Yet, I have a pet peeve of late when it comes to literature. If I have to see another book set in WWII England, Germany, France, Russia, on the home front, in the trenches, in a tank, in a plane, on an island, in a submarine, on a boat… I may just very well scream.

I realise the importance of the time and the lasting echoes it leaves in our history today. But.Come.On. Do we really need another fictional text about someone growing up whilst the bombs fall? Or another soldier story? Talk about milking a theme until the cow is so dry it has turned into dust!

If it is war themes that people want to read and write, why not look elsewhere? We humans are absolutely brilliant at killing each other en masse on a regular basis. Surely it doesn’t have to be another WWII narrative?

Write about something else already! End rant.

How do you feel about WWII narratives? Are you over them too?

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