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The dreaded V-Day

The day that causes more fear and stress than spending Christmas with your in-laws is approaching. Valentine’s Day, the 14th of February (or the 12th of June for Brazil) is a complicated time of year. Like many special calendar days there is so much expectation to have the best romantic day of your life. For people who are single it can be extremely stressful, and even people in relationships don’t get it easy. The pressure of the day is built up over time with all those love hearts and over-sized teddy bears you see in the shops. Not to mention restaurants advertising their romantic dinners and jewelry stores pulling out all the stops for their love inspired sales.

I’ve never really done anything for Valentine’s Day which either makes people think I am a cynic or unromantic. However my husband and I gave each other swimming goggles one Valentine’s Day, so we’re not completely cold-hearted. Although, I do distinctly remember someone telling me how ‘practical’ the gift was (practical was emphaisised with raised eyebrows and a sullen look of disdain). I’m not usually one to shower people with roses and chocolates, but I do believe that Valentine’s Day is important. It can be so easy to forget to tell people how much you care about them. Not because you’re mean, but simply because life is busy and sometimes you forget. And this isn’t just for your romantic partner. This goes for everyone who is important in your life. Your friends, your family, the people who matter most can be easily taken for granted. So this V-Day, instead of thinking about all the things you don’t have, think about the things you do. Send a short message to the people you love telling them exactly that; you love them and you appreciate them. And if you do want to get someone a gift, what is wrong with a good old book?

In the true spirit of Valentine’s Day, I want to thank all of my followers, old and new, who have helped me along the journey of this blog. Thank you for your support, encouragement, participation, and kindness. The internet can feel like a big scary place, but I feel like I have found my warm cozy corner with Bound2Books and all of its followers.

What do you think about V-Day? Do you have any big bookish plans? As always, remember to share the reading love.

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