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Climb mountains to read better.

No matter how much you love to read, the activity can take a lot out of you. Eye strain, back pain, over-active mind, paper cuts, you name it! Reading can be a difficult task, especially if you are studying and/or if you read a lot for work. In the end, paper or on-screen doesn’t matter. If you don’t give yourself a break you will burn out.

A few weeks ago, my eyes started watering not matter what I did. When I tried to read they would water more and I found it hard to focus. I tried all sorts of things until I finally gave in and let my eyes have a rest from their sometimes seven hour reading blocks. It was not easy for me to do this, because I felt an overwhelming feeling of guilt as I walked away from the books to do some outside activities. In the end though, after my time away from my books, my eyes (thanks to some extra help from eye drops for dry tired eyes) and my brain thanked me.

I recently went to Gruyeres and spent the day amongst the mountains, the trees, and some friendly cows. It was the icing on top of my cake/rest. It can be hard to take breaks. To let your body and mind relax, recharge, and heal, but the pay-off is well worth it. Don’t let yourself get run down. Read. Write. Create. Perform. But let yourself get some fresh air and take time off. Climb mountains to read better, to study better, to work better. If you can’t find a mountain… then find the next best thing! You owe it to yourself. If these words don’t convince you, maybe these pictures will…

What is that saying about pictures and innumerable words?





wpid-20151003_152918.jpgHow do you like to unwind? How do you let your mind de-stress? Remember to share the reading love.

One thought on “Climb mountains to read better.

  1. So true. Good reminder of the importance of fresh air and breaks. Pretty sure I’ve developed eye-strain from too much reading/staring at screens of late. It’s a nice feeling to have to live with.

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