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Autumn is happening, I have proof.

1385144_10151957325452209_2036437962_nSo this happened today. Yup. They are some red leaves, which can only mean one thing: Autumn is here. The fact that it has rained without a pause today is further evidence still. Many people start to build their bunkers in Autumn for the winter chill, but to be honest, Autumn is a time for beauty and celebration for me. Not to mention writing.

For me, Autumn is inspiration. There is nothing more beautiful than seeing the orange and yellow hues of the trees and being filled with an energy to write. Autumn gives me so many opportunities to write. The weather is cool, the light is somehow golden, and I can sit inside, guilt free, and write.

I think I love autumn so much because it is a season I never knew before coming to Europe. Where I grew up, you had hot and cold. There were no orange leaves, or cool breezes. The weather seemed to only know two seasons and Autumn, much like Spring, was something I only read about in books and saw in movies. Now that I get to see Autumn every year, I have to say that I am excited about what it has to bring. I cannot wait for more beautiful days with time to write and walk the forests.

If you need some Autumn inspiration then check out these photos I got to capture last Autumn:




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