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Nerds Run!

What do books and book nerds have to do with running? Due to the general stereotypes that are pushed upon word nerds, like myself, nerds and running don’t go together. Often people who read, who stay up late to finish that last book chapter, are not always considered master athletes. When I told friends that I started running. A lot of them laughed. A lot of them said “You’re not a runner!” or “You hate running?” And the last comment used to be very true. I never understood why people would run. Or how it could be enjoyable. But do you want to know why I never thought that? There were lots of times when I went running, and people made fun of me. Told me I couldn’t run properly, I was too big to run, I was a nerd, I was allergic to the outside world, I was never going to make it, and that no matter what distance I ran or how hard I pushed myself it would never be enough. The problem with these comments weren’t that they came from strangers (and sometimes they were), but mostly they came from friends and family. The people I had around me. And I became so sensitive to comments about my inability that I just stopped running. Although, I didn’t just stop running… I stopped trying.

If I fast forward to years later, I can tell you that I’ve started running again. Thanks to a beautiful, encouraging, and caring friend, I started running again. Not very far, and not always as often as I would like, but I run. And it feels good. Running clears my head. Running makes me feel awake. And it is the best thing for anger management. Seriously, if you ever feel angry: run. Run until your legs feel like they are going to fall off. It is truly the best feeling.

This weekend, I told someone that I had started running. Not very far, but that I was trying. My maximum distance was 2km without a break and that I did intervals (walking and running) so I could build up my stamina. They laughed at me. Told me that that wasn’t very far, why was I even bothering? I wasn’t going very far. I should stick to books.

And for a split second I felt like I had gone back in time, and I was feeling as small as I did the first time someone laughed at me for trying. I’m not saying that the person who said this is evil, they probably didn’t even know their words would affect me. But their words did, although not in the way they used to…

Nerds run! Book worms play sports! How do I know this? I’ll tell you: I am a book worm who runs. I am a nerd who loves to play squash badly. I am a read-a-holic who loves going on long walks just for the sake of walking.

I’m tried of people telling me that because I don’t do thing like them, there is something wrong with me. That because I read a lot, or spend a lot of time with books that I can’t move, won’t move. Well I am here to tell you: nerds run!

Have you ever felt like you were ridiculed because of sports? Ever told you were too nerdy for something? Run, move, play and prove the haters wrong. I would love to see your nerds run photos! Remember to share the reading love.

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