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Going digital: my new love of iBooks

I never thought that I would say this, but I think I have fallen for iBooks. Whilst I have an eReader, I have been extremely reluctant to go full on digital. There are people I know who only read eBooks and have a variety of tablets, eReaders, and laptops, but I was never able to make the conversion. In the past, I have never liked to read on digital screens mainly because my eyes refused to cooperate. Too long on a computer used to result in eye headaches and migraines. So paper was the only option for me. Since those dark days, technology has moved forward at almost light speed and I find that there are new screens and options available for people like me. These advances in technology have brought me to my new favourite love: iBooks. Macbook computers have such sensitive eye-friendly screens and on top of that, most new mac devices come with iBooks. You can download books instantly and then you just have them! This however, is also extremely dangerous because it can result in a lot of impulse buys (so I’ve heard… maybe?). Secondly, iBooks is amazing for those of us who are students, or people who just love to mark passages and make notes throughout books. The iBooks program allows you to mark passages, in different colours, and also to make notes. I find this function extremely handy, and I also don’t feel like I’ve just defaced a book. I don’t think this means I will ever give up paper books, but who knows where this new romance might take me?!

6 thoughts on “Going digital: my new love of iBooks

      • I have an old kindle but mainly I use the apps on my iPad including kindle, blue reader and iBooks. Less things to carry then.

      • I’m thinking more and more that tablets are the way to go. I love my eReader for its screen, but it’s still essentially just for reading books. You can’t highlight passages, or mark pages, etc.

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