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Books for Easter!

Firstly, Happy Easter to all of my readers! Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I just want to send you some love anyway! The year is going by so quickly and it has been the first gift giving event since Christmas. So naturally, I’m going to talk about giving books for Easter!

Recently, a friend of mine gave me a gift for Easter, but not just any gift. It was my favourite kind of gift: a book. Anyone who knows me knows that giving me a book is the best thing you could do. And, if you are friends with me, chances are I’ll probably gift you a book more than once. Although, I have this sinking feeling that buying books for people might be a dying art. I know that buying books can be difficult: what if the person already owns the book?; what if they don’t like the book? I believe though, that these fears can be associated with any gift choice. So, why not just give a book anyway? If you buy from a local bookstore, chances are they will let you return it provided it’s not on sale. You could also go for a bookstore gift card so they can pick their own book, or you could even take them to a bookstore and treat them to a day of browsing the shelves and buying them that special book with them.

Chocolate is the standard gift for Easter, but why not give someone something that will open their mind, enrich their hearts, and stay with them for a lifetime?

Did you get a book this Easter? If not, you should treat yourself to one!

As always, happy reading and share the reading love.

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