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Five things I hate about lists

Lately, I have noticed that journalism and the news has turned to the list as its main layout. You only need to look on any media site and see, “Ten things you need to know about weight loss” or “Five reasons to love Twilight”… Whatever the list, regardless of its content, they started to annoy me. Once I started noticing the lists, it was like they multiplied. Like they were there just to annoy me! Where these lists trying to gaslight me?! In full disclosure, I don’t mind lists in journalism or the news, but I feel like there are just too many. In fact, I’m calling it: if you’re using lists for every second article, then you are being lazy.

So it is with irony that I make my own list about why I dislike lists:

1. Lists reduce important information and topics to dot points on a page.

2. Whilst they complement our busy lifestyles, lists usually mean that we skim read the headings and click to the next story. What have we really learned from these lists? Do we retain any of the knowledge?

3. Lists can be a fun and effective way of conveying information, but what happened to nice full sentences in nice full paragraphs in nice full articles?

4. Lists are like a glass of wine on a Monday evening. It’s okay to have one, but if you end up having five or six every Monday, you may need to re-evaluate your life choices.

5. Lists are lazy.

What do you think about using lists in journalism and articles? Remember to share the reading love!

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