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Compulsory reading: A case of the have-to…

With the start of a new semester at university comes the shock of “Where did my holidays go?!” and the fear of “How am I going to get everything done this year?!” I’m having one of those moments right now, since the new semester at the University of Zurich will begin tomorrow. On the one hand I’m excited to be distracted once more with reading and studying, but on the other hand I’m a little bit nervous about starting new classes and the challenges these new experiences will present. I’m taking classes in German this semester, and no matter how many times I tell myself that I passed the German language requirements to study, I feel like I’m going to go to class and suddenly forget how to understand Deutsch. Although, disappearing-language-phobia is a discussion for another day.

In all of my excitement for a new semester, my favourite part is the book buying. As a lover of books, it only seems logical. I love being exposed to new materials and taking courses that are slightly out of my comfort zone. They introduce me to new and exciting novels and ways of thinking; Ford Madox Ford, I’m looking at you! Although this semester starts with a literary foe… That’s right… Charles Dickens. I mean this with no disrespect to the Dickens Fan Club, but I am yet to enjoy a single book written by that man. A.Single.Flipping.Book! His books seem to go on forever. In fact, I’m convinced they actually don’t end and there is some strange time loop that occurs whilst reading his works, so that when you think you’re finished you’re actually only just past the opening sentence AKA, first page. And I sit, reading his aggressively boring books wondering to myself… Am I the only one?!

This semester Our Mutual Friend is sadly at the top of my reading pile. And I’m about as excited as someone who is about to swan dive into a pool of rusty nails. Who knows, maybe this is the book that will make me find Dickens slightly less boring than before? Or maybe it will just be 777 pages of suffering? If I ever make it through this gigantic book without dying of exhaustion, I might just blog about it.

Love him or hate him? How do you feel about Dickens? Let me know what you think!



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