The Artistic Process

When the going gets tough, the tough choose their own clichés!

My relationship with motivation is complicated. To be completely honest, I think we’re in an abusive relationship and I’m not quite sure who is doing the worst of it. I lament and pine for motivation like someone out of a Brontë book. I find myself gazing out of my window that looks over the foggy hills of Switzerland and I silently wait for motivation’s return. Motivation on the other hand doesn’t give a crap about me. Motivation shows up on its fancy motorbike and is all like, “Hey baby, wanna ride?” And because I’m that girl, I hop on, ride around for a bit, get some things done, and then I’m thrown off again. And I return to the pages of a Victorian novel.

I’ve started a Masters of Arts in Switzerland that requires me to step back from my doctoral work and take on a new system whilst studying in English and German. Sometimes Switzerland makes me want to cry. And sometimes it succeeds. It’s frustrating, different, and very foggy and grey. Sometimes I blame Switzerland on my soap opera-esque relationship with motivation.

When I have ideas for writing, life is great. Birds sing, triumph is around every corner. And then there are days… weeks where there is nothing but tumble weed. Boring, wordless tumble weed. And so, I wallow in the quagmire of my own uncertainty. So I’m putting my foot down. I’m taking a stand. Because you know what? When the going gets tough, the tough choose their own clichés!

Motivation and I are threw! Threw I say. “I am the master of my fate/ the captain of my soul” damn it! And to prove my new found powers I climbed a mountain. Yup. That’s right. A mountain. Motivation can suck it, because if I can climb a mountain I can do anything. I don’t need motivation and its leather jacket bad-boy M-O. Or at least that’s what I’ll tell myself…

And here is proof of my mountain climbing abilities…





1779739_10152776304912209_4338942215362680296_n 10268617_10152776304772209_3553142054869103923_n 10304640_10152776305597209_1786683903282888650_n 10592613_10152776305602209_2676820355076847892_n 10665719_10152776305952209_6277917111548388918_n 10639542_10152776307287209_1276344652329319862_n


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