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Reading List Guilt.

If you are like me and love books, then you probably follow book blogs, publishing sites, and any other book related sites that appear across social media. These sites offer news about authors, new book releases, and fun book trivia. And every so often, they also post a list of 100 books everyone should read. The latest list I saw was from the UK Telegraph. Click here to see the list.

I’m known amongst my friends as being a book nerd and with that title comes great responsibility. The responsibility to know everything about books and to have read everything. Although, despite my quick reading skills, this is something that will never happen.

From the Telegraph list, I’ve read 19 books out of 100. Some of those books are Madam Bovary, The Big Sleep, 1984, Jane Eyre, and Things Fall Apart. In this list of 100, there were also way too many that I had never even heard of like The Moonstone by Willie Collins or A Dance to the Music of Time by Anthony Powell. There were also books that I have no intentions to read like Les Miserables or Anna Karenina (See the post I wrote about breaking up with books). Yet, I still felt like I was suddenly a terrible reader. I should want to read The Portrait of a Lady right? I mean, after all, I love books. Although, when it really comes down to it, I don’t want to read books that I don’t want to read or even finish books that I don’t like. That’s wasting too much reading time. Time that could be spent reading other amazing books that actually grab my attention. Yet the guilt still stays around, in the back of my mind. Which is why I wanted to ask my readers:

Do you suffer from reading list guilt? Does it change what books you read or prioritise? What do you think about the UK Telegraph list?

2 thoughts on “Reading List Guilt.

  1. I’m going through Time Magazines 100 best books list and I have to say im enjoying it. That said I’m reading Gone with the Wind now and it’s not great. I hope after 900 pages I’m saying the same! There is a lot of book snobbery out there though!

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